April 3, 2020

A Woman of No Importance

TALES OF VALOR EPISODE 27: VIRGINIA HALL. Wow. Wow. Wow. This tale of valor is a good one. What do you get when you cross an consulate clerk, a prosthetic leg named Cuthbert and Nazi Occupied France? Well, in this case you get a bad ass covert operative named Virginia Hall! Listen in on how one woman helped change the tide of the war in the European theater while topping the most wanted list of the Gestapo!

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April 1, 2020

The Hero We Deserve

TALES OF VALOR SPECIAL HUMP DAY BONUS EPISODE! Guys, we know that this virus has us all cooped up and frustrated so Dave and Mike are bringing extra content to get you through the week and kick off a new month! We'll all get through this together! 

Today's tale of valor answers the question of what happens when one man becomes a Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger. Hint: nothing short of amazing.

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March 31, 2020

Some Faith in Humanity


Dave brings us not one, not two but SIX short tales of valor this half-history that will hopefully be a little pick me up on our faith in humanity in these crazy times. This episode will focus on "everyday" heroes that may be easy for us to forget but we really should remember!

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TALES OF VALOR EP 26: JOHN L. CANLEY | While many teenagers can't be pulled away from a screen long enough to engage, Medal of Honor recipient John L. Canley used his older brother's birth certificate to get into the Marines early (presumably 14-15 years old). Inspired by a film Sands of Iwo Jima, Canley set his eyes on serving in the military. Not only did he serve but he served with unceasing self-sacrifice in Vietnam and beyond. 

Listen in as Dave shares this amazing story and we even get to hear from those that served alongside this living legend.

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March 24, 2020

Game Changing Gunfight

Tales of Valor Half History | One minute Officer Timothy Gamins was about to go on break and the next was in a gun battle for his life and the safety of those around him in his community. In this half history, Mike shares why now Sergeant Gamins now carries 145 rounds of ammunition every day he hits the road!

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March 20, 2020

A Donkey On a B-17?

Tales of Valor EP 25: Nathaniel "Gus" Mencow. Gus Mencow was a navigator aboard the famed "Betty Boop Pistol Packin' Mama" and led his crew and countless other B-17s through 25 bombing missions, many of which they barely made it out from. Gus and his crew made the most of their time together through their tour from July '43 to February '44. Gus, who came from an immigrant family that prized higher education, lived his life in reverse by going back to school after raising a family, achieving his BA in 1988 and continued beyond to his masters degree in 2006. We enjoyed this story and hope you do too!

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Tales of Valor HALF HISTORY: When an unexpected banging at the door from a rape victim (about to be killed by her attacker) takes 14 y/o James Persyn III by surprise, he sprang into action to protect not only her but his siblings ages 11 and 2. In this half-history episode, listen to the craziness as told by Dave!

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Dave shares the story of British soldier Adrian Carton de Wiart and his war exploits and experiences that border on the stuff of Hollywood. We don't know how a film about this tale of valor has never been made! From the Boer Wars to WWI and WWII and multiple campaigns and beyond Adrian's story is worth the attention! 

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Behind one of the most iconic photos in recorded war history is not just one story but an unreal amount of tales of valor. Not only was there an amazing story from behind the camera but did you know that more than 27 medals of honor were awarded out of that 36 day brutal battle? Us either.

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Two star General Sidney Shachnow didn't just live on "tale" of valor but was a man of valor. Surviving and escaping the evils of the holocaust, he overcame tragedy without ever losing his humility. We learn in today's story that there are four types of people in tragedies like the holocaust: perpetrators, victims, collaborators and bystanders. These bystanders had the power to prevent tragedy but were conspicuously absent not by their absence, according to Sidney, but their silence.

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