TALES OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: Daniel Inouye | Serving in the Rome-Arno campaign in 1944, Daniel Inouye and a historic segregated all-Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team served with absolute distinction. Daniel Inouye embodied valor amidst great personal sacrifice to his body in service to the men under his command and the greater purposes he saw in the conflict. As his injuries saw him getting carried away to spare his life, his order to the men was to return to their positions because "Nobody called off the war."

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May 29, 2020

The Night Witches

TALES OF VALOR EP 35: The Night Witches | Inspired and led by the young Marina Raskova, the Soviet Union's first female navigator and part of a record setting flight comprised of an all female crew, the 588th Regiment was born. Earning the nickname the Night Witches, they were an all female regiment that struck fear into the heart of Nazi Germany with its silent but deadly bombing runs in outdated and unprotected planes. What a story!

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TALES OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: EDITH CAVELL | A nurse in WW1 that no doubt saved 100s of allied soldiers fleeing in the wake of German occupation in Belgium and defeat at Mons. Her tale of valor is not one we should ever forget. Listen in and find out why, in her own words, "escape for me is futile and unthinkable." Thank you Edith Cavell!

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MEMORIAL DAY HALF-HISTORY: MATTHEW HILTON | Dave looks back and honors his friend, fellow police officer and fellow soldier, Matthew Hilton. Hilton was killed in action serving his country in Afghanistan 6-26-08. Dave also explains the nature of Memorial Day and it's roots in Decoration Day.

Please enjoy the time you have with your loved ones but let us not be quick to forget those who have volunteered to be in harm's way for the sake of others.



TALES OF VALOR EP 34: William Dean Hawkins | When talking about Hawkins as a platoon leader during the battle of Tarawa, Robert Sherrod said "During a day and a half he personally cleaned out six Jap machine gun nests, sometimes standing on top of a track and firing point blank at four or five men who fired back at him from behind blockhouses. Lieutenant Hawkins was wounded a second time, but he still refused to retire. To say that his conduct was worthy of the highest traditions of the Marine Corps is like saying the Empire State Building is moderately high." 

Our story takes us to the middle of nowhere in the pacific ocean this week during WW2. Grab a drink and tell a friend.

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TALE OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: Three Marines on a Plane! | Captain Daniel Kult, Sergeant John Dietrick, and Private First Class Alexander Meinhardt decided that the crazy man inside the airplane bathroom they were on to get them home to Texas wasn't going to get the chance to act on any of his threatening rant. 

Mike tells the simple but valuable story of people stepping up. Kudos gentleman!

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TALES OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: Shawn Bandy and partners from Detroit Police | In this half-history, Dave brings a story from December 5, 1998 to the table. In this story, Officers Shawn Bandy, Lloyd "Mike" Todd, Ramon Childs, Jeffrey Bonner and David Pomeroy (among other responding officers) stepped up to face pure evil.  On that fateful night where Officer Bandy paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to his community, the officers were attempting to stop a vehicle wanted in connection with a kidnapping and robbery of a woman and her 10 year old child. 

In the words of David Pomeroy, where we discovered the dispatch audio from that night, he had shared this to remind officers "how quickly things can break bad on the streets." And for those who are not in law enforcement as "an opportunity to feel what we feel on a daily basis."

In our most somber episode to date, we remember Officer Bandy and also stand with the survivors of that night, including Officer Todd who struggles with his injuries to this day.

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TALES OF VALOR EP. 33: Larry Thorne / Lauri Törni | According to Major Larry Thorne's dad in a biographical piece he said, "My son was born to be a soldier." Well not only was Thorne, or his given name of Törni, a decorated soldier in the Finnish Army, but in order to continue the fight against the Soviets actually fought under the Waffen SS Banner for a time before being imprisoned in Finland. Eventually finding a pardon from the President, Larry made his way to the United States via Sweden and Venezuela and was able to enlist in the U.S. Military. He would go on to become a well known special forces soldier, becoming a decorated soldier in the Vietnam conflict. 

This guy's story is unbelievable; a true international soldier of mystery! Stay battle ready my friends!

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May 13, 2020

Mo Guns Mo Problems?

TALES OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: Desmond Doss | This notable story as re-told on the big screen movie of HACKSAW RIDGE really could be quite the discussion starter (or argument starter we suppose) when it comes to the conscientious objection movement throughout our nation's history. What cannot be denied is that Doss rose to the occasion amidst dangerous circumstances and earned the right to wear his Medal of Honor.

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May 11, 2020

Instantaneous Heroism

TALES OF VALOR HALF-HISTORY: Robert D. Maxwell | From Maxwell's Medal of Honor citation:

Technician Fifth Grade Maxwell and three other soldiers, armed only with .45 caliber automatic pistols, defended the battalion observation post against an overwhelming onslaught by enemy infantrymen in approximately platoon strength, supported by 20-mm. flak and machinegun fire, who had infiltrated through the battalion's forward companies and were attacking the observation post with machinegun, machine pistol, and grenade fire at ranges as close as ten yards.

 Despite a hail of fire from automatic weapons and grenade launchers, Technician Fifth Grade Maxwell aggressively fought off advancing enemy elements and, by his calmness, tenacity, and fortitude, inspired his fellows to continue the unequal struggle. When an enemy hand grenade was thrown in the midst of his squad, Technician Fifth Grade Maxwell unhesitatingly hurled himself squarely upon it, using his blanket and his unprotected body to absorb the full force of the explosion.
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